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Music Director

梁麗施 Leung Lai-sze



在就讀香港教育大學期間,師隨黃慧晶老師學習手鈴,並加入香港教育學院手鈴隊,於翌年隨即成為手鈴六重奏Miss Six成員,參與不同類型的音樂會及工作坊。梁氏積極參與音樂活動,經常為香港教育學院女聲合唱團、男聲合唱團、混聲合唱團、室樂合唱團擔任鋼琴伴奏,亦是中樂團及木笛隊的活躍成員及學生指揮。





Leung Lai-sze graduated with the Bachelor of Education (Secondary), majoring in Music Education at the Education University of Hong Kong. She had also received her Master of Arts Degree, focusing on Choral Conducting at the Hong Kong Baptist University.


While studying in the Education University of Hong Kong, she started learning handbells with Ms Zerlina Wong, and had become a ringer in the handbell sextet "Miss Six".  She enjoys performing and conducting.   Being a student conductor and an active ringer, meaningful music experiences had been gained through different performances in concerts and workshops. Moreover, she had been the piano accompanist of the HKIEd Singers, Chamber Singers, Choraliers and Chorus, and also an active member in Chinese Orchestra and Recorder Ensemble in the institute.


Leung is now the Handbell Ensemble conductor of the Education University of Hong Kong, the Music Director, Conductor and President of Double Mallet Ringers.  She is also directing many handbell & handchime ensembles and choirs in local schools and music centres.


Beside of handbell performing and conducting, Leung is actively participating in other music activities.  She is invited to be the judge in various music competitions like Joint School Music Competition held by Joint School Music Association, Kwun Tong Piano Competition and different inter-school singing contests.  She is also an external music examiner in various secondary schools, a piano accompanist and a piano tutor.  She always shares her belief with her students, "We are not only playing the instruments, but also bringing the music with your whole heart to the audience".

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