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樂團起初由11位成員組織而成,因此命名為「十一分音符手鈴隊」。現時手鈴隊隊員共15人,大部分為音樂教育工作者。成立至今,樂團不斷為觀眾呈獻不同主題形式的音樂會,包括《有鈴自遠方來》(2008)、《漫遊童夢》(2009)、《手牽手 • 鈴》(2010)、《八十分鐘環 遊世界》(2011)、《音樂新文化 Musicarama 2012─視聽、手鈴及現場電子》、《吾聲吾聲 十週年》(2014) 、《數字嘉年華》(2015)、《鈴風輕哨》 (2016)、《人生旅程》(2017)、《喜樂是》(2018)及《Spheres》(2019)、《呼吸》(2021)。樂團屢獲不同藝術團體及機構邀請公開表演,包括香港旅遊發展局、香港中央圖書館、香港文化中心、香港女童軍總會、元朗藝術節籌委會、屯門兒童合唱團、美麗華商場、時代廣場及新城市廣場等。樂團亦多次獲香港手鈴藝術協會邀請,於香港手鈴節中擔任表演嘉賓及參與音樂會系列演出(2007, 2008, 2009, 2011)。

除本地演出外,樂團更經常參與國際會議及演出,如澳洲布里斯本(2006)、美國奧蘭多(2008)、日本大阪(2010)及韓國濟洲 (2014)的「世界手鈴大會」,與世界各地的手鈴團體跨國聯合演奏,演出獲大眾一致好評。

Founded in 2003 with the aim to promote handbell music, Double Mallet Ringers (DMR) provides performances actively in Hong Kong and is one of the most active handbell ensembles in Asia. It achieved significant recognition on local stages for its diverse repertoire which is from the East to the West and from traditional to newly commissioned works, and its passionate performances.DMR was originally formed by 11 ringers and the name “Double Mallet” was given representing the Arabic numeral “11”.


Now DMR comprises 15 handbell musicians, mainly professional music educators. DMR offers a wide variety of concerts and performances throughout its annual season, including “Bells to the East” (2008), “Playing Tunes”(2009), “Hands + Handbells = Harmony” (2010), “Around the World in 80 Mins” (2011), “Musicarama 2012-Audio Visual, Handbell & Live Electronics”, “Perfect 10th” (2014), “Viva il numero” (2015), “Ringing in the Breeze” (2016) , “Life's Journey” (2017), "Happiness is" (2018), "Spheres" (2019) and "Breathe" (2021).


In addition, DMR was frequently invited to be guest performers by various arts organizations, including Hong Kong Tourism Board, Hong Kong Central Library, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Musicphilic Winds, The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association, Yuen Long Arts Festival Committee, Tuen Mun Children’s Choir, Mira Mall, Times Square, Shatin New Town Plaza, and so forth. DMR was invited by the Hong Kong Handbell Association to perform in the Handbell Festival (2007, 2008, 2009, 2011). Other than building its local audience section, DMR has continued to raise its international profile by participating in international conferences and performances regularly. DMR participated in the International Handbell Symposium held in Brisbane (2006), Orlando (2008), Osaka (2010), and Jeju (2014), playing handbell with other ringers around the world and had been performed in the solo concert which received critical acclaim.

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