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DMR Work-in-Progress: Handbell Composition Lab







Despite more handbell ensembles have risen locally, most of the handbell concert repertoires are written by overseas composers, mainly from USA, Britain and Japan. Original handbell pieces written by Hong Kong local composers are rare. Along with the increasing number of handbell ringers in Hong Kong, there is an imminent need of iconic local handbell pieces. As one of the leading performing groups in Hong Kong, Double Mallet Ringers (DMR) shoulders the responsibility to promote new local handbell music by working with local composers.


Through the "DMR Working-in-Progress: Handbell Composition Lab" project, composers without former handbell music composition experience will gather and join handbell workshops, trial ringing sessions and handbell rehearsals in collaboration with our resident composer Dr. Leung Chi-hin Michael and DMRingers. A brand new piece will be premiered by DMR in our annual concert.


We sincerely hope that the Lab can be a bridge to link local composers to the world of handbell music, bringing us more local handbell masterpieces. 

作曲家及樂曲 Composer and Music

2015-2016 "霧裡蒼蘭 A Sky Blue Orchid in the Mist"
朱兆軒 Sammy Chu
2016-2017 "起跌 Ups and Downs"
何柏基 Ho Pak Kei
2017-2018 "熊熊烈火 Frenzy Flame"
梁雅琳 Leung Nga Lam Angel
2018-2019 "上船啦! All Aboard! "
鍾天瀚 Chung Tin Hon Aaron
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