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Li Chung-yan


李氏自中學開始參加手鈴隊,又曾擔任中學合唱團鋼琴伴奏, 以及合唱團和無伴奏合唱小組隊員。李氏曾參加香港教育大學手鈴隊,現為香港教育大學混聲合唱圑團員及中樂團團委。

Li Chung Yan is now studying the Bachelor of Education (Music) at the Education University of Hong Kong.  Li’s major instrument is piano.  She had obtained the certificates of ATCL in piano from the Trinity College.  Li is now studying the piano under Mrs Liu Fong Yi Joyce.  Li’s minor instrument is Erhu.

Li began to participate in the handbell team since secondary school.  She was alsothe piano accompaniment of the high school choir, as well as a member of the choir and the acappella group.  Li had been a member of the handbell ensembleof the Education University of Hong Kong, andis now a member of the mixed choirand a committee of the Chinese Orchestra of the Education University of Hong Kong.

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