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Christine Hung





Christine graduated from The Hong Kong Institute of Education and acquired her Bachelor degree in music education. Later on, she further pursued a Master degree in music education in Hong Kong Baptist University. She is enthusiastic in learning and playing different musical instruments such as piano, violin and particularly handbells. Started from her college years in HKIEd, she has joined different music groups including the college orchestra, Xianshi Ensemble, Choir and the Handbell Ensemble.


Christine has been actively participating in various Handbell performances and educational programmes since her graduation. Her performances include concerts “Hands+Handbell=Harmony”, “Playful Tunes” and “Bells to the East”, 2007-2009 Hong Kong Handbell Festival concerts, and live performances for the Hong Kong Winterfest. In 2010, Hung attended the International Handbell Symposium in Osaka, in which she further advanced herself in handbell performance techniques and conducting skills.

Christine is currently a local primary school music teacher. She leads the school handchime choir to participate in different performances. The choir obtained the Champion Award in the 2007 Handbell Festival - 2nd School Handbell Competition and Show Case. She also takes an active role in leading the school orchestra and choir activities.

She is now a core committee member and player in Double Mallet Ringers.

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