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TSANG Hiu Ying





就學期間,林氏師隨何博文博士及Nancy Telfer學習合唱指揮,馬驄先生學習鋼琴,梁靜怡小姐學習聲樂,李潔瑤小姐學習手鈴。林氏曾參與不同類型的演出,包括音樂新文化2012、無線電視「激優一族」手鈴表演、慶祝海洋公園三十週年表演,世界手鈴大會(2008、2014)及香港手鈴節大合奏指揮(2009-2011)等。林氏現時為香港管弦樂團合唱團成員 。



Helen Lam Hoi Yan is a pianist, singer, flutist, choral conductor, handbell ringer and conductor, and an avid lover of all musical things.  She has strong commitment in music education and performance over the years.


Lam holds a bachelor degree of music (music education) from the Hong Kong Baptist University with first class honor and a bachelor degree of business administration from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.  She also holds a postgraduate diploma in psychology from Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Licentiate of the Trinity College of Music London (LTCL) in piano performance with distinction, a Grade 8 Distinction in Voice, a Grade 8 Merit in Flute and a Grade 8 Merit in Theory from the Royal School of Music.  She is currently studying a Master degree of Choral Conducting in Saint Joseph University.


Lam studied choral conducting with Dr. Jerome Hoberman, Nancy Telfer and Pedro Monteiro, piano with Ma Cong, voice with Sofia Sierra and Jeffrey Leung, flute with Timothy Wilson, handbells with Ms Emily Li.  Lam participated in various performances, including Musicarama (2012), Youth Nation at TVB, Ocean Park 30th Anniversary, Handbell Symposium (Florida, 2008 and Jeju, 2014) and mass ring conductor of Hong Kong Handbell Festival from 2009-2011.  She is a current member of Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra Chorus.


Community involvement is a high priority for Lam.  She is a church musician, performing and arranging music in worship band and choir.  She assisted Ms. Yasmin Li in music therapy groups from 2007 to 2011 as a volunteer musician.  She is now a handbell director of the Remembrance of Grace Church (Taipo).

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